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ZNnGardTM Zinc Nickel Nano-Structured coating system is part of an
overall strategy to replace any remaining cadmium processes and
eliminate environmental and worker safety issues while significantly
improving performance and reducing life-cycle costs.

Thickness 10 – 18 μm
Structure 𝜸 phase (12% -16% Ni)
Hardness* 400 – 500 VHN
Grain size* <100 nm
OCP vs (SHE) -0.503 V to -0.653 V
Pin on disc (ASTM G99)*0.14 – 0.34 Coefficient of friction
K factor0.24 (without lubricant)
0.17 (with lubricant)
Operating temperature -50 °F to 400 °F (-45 °C to 204 °C)
Salt spray (ASTM B117) >6000 h
Adhesion test (ASTM B571) Bend test 180° PASS
Hydrogen embrittlement
(ASTM F519)
PASS – 200 h at 75% NFS
Hydrogen Re-embrittlement PASS
Applications High and low strength steel
Standards/Specifications Meets ASTM B841 Class 2 AN
ASTM F1941