Zinc Nickel Nano-Structured coating system designed to replace cadmium plating once and for all.

Also, replaces PTFE & fluoropolymers that easily chip and flake under torque with a sustainable alloy coating that gives a superior performance during installation and long-term corrosion protection.

Corrosion Protection You Can Count On

Using technology pioneered in the electronics and aerospace industries achieved the following:

• Refined grain size – thereby improved hardness, corrosion resistance, friction coefficient, and appearance

• Low porosity – Provided a coating with a uniform coating composition, leading to excellent corrosion resistance

• No Hydrogen Embrittlement – Consistently passes hydrogen embrittlement & re-embrittlement (a.k.a., in-service embrittlement) testing, a critical requirement for general implementation, whereas conventional DC plating (DC-ZnNi) falls short

ZNnGard is viewed as part of an overall strategy to replace any remaining Cd processes and eliminate environmental and worker safety issues, while significantly improving performance and reducing life-cycle costs.